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Bee Rose Podcast

Jan 15, 2022


Why HEALING inherited family trauma is necessary -  Guest: Maria McGrath

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Maria McGrath is a Creatrix® Transformologist®... Specialist in healing Ancestral trauma, Depression, Anxiety & Grief, & expanding Emotional Intelligence!! She works with the world’s only FEMALE -MIND specific therapy, that is both spiritual & scientific... guiding women to tap into their “Creator” realm of the Unconscious, & reconnect with their intuition & soul wisdom, to clear the bloodline of inherited patterns & conditioning, past trauma & emotional pain for FAST, REAL & lasting healing.

After struggling with her own deep sadness, grief & depression for 2 decades, she started searching for something that would make her feel ‘normal’ again... & after spending years, & 10’s of thousands of dollars, Maria took a leap of faith on a REVOLUTIONARY new therapy & experienced an amazing soul healing transformation!  She knew instantly that her life purpose was setting other WOMEN FREE, healing their deepest past pains, & helping them get back to being their true & best SELF to live their life with peace, joy and fulfillment!

Maria has been featured on the cover of 2 International Women’s empowerment magazines, she was a monthly contributing writer for International online Magazine- Luminous Wisdom- Sophia for 2 years, & is a Co-Author in 2 best-selling books!

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